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Bucks (money)

The game tracks the following parameters: Bucks (money), Gold, Energy, Status, Experience, Stamina, Attack, Defense and Mojo.

Bucks and Gold Edit

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Bucks and gold are used to buy in-game items. You start the game with 37500 bucks and 200 gold. Bucks can be earned from the one-time job in each city; generated by the businesses you own; winning a fight; or completing a stage of a quest. Gold can be earned from completing a stage of a quest; or gaining a level (which earns you 10 gold). There is also a signing-up bonus of 100 gold. You may purchase bucks or gold for real money if you wish.

The maximum amount of bucks you can have is 2,147,483,647.

Energy (lightning bolt) Edit

You need energy to progress through a quest or perform a one-time job. You gain 1 energy point every 10 minutes. When you gain a level, the maximum energy you can have increases by 1 point and your available energy is reset to the new maximum.

Status Edit

Your status is shown underneath your name. It is a purely honorific title and has no in-game benefits. It is not related to your experience level.

Experience / Level (star) Edit

Your total experience determines your level. You earn experience by progressing through quests; fighting (+5 for winning; +1 for a loss); or upgrading your girls. When your experience crosses the boundary of a new level your available energy and stamina are reset to their maximum values.

Stamina (pill) Edit

You have a maximum of 3 stamina points - that amount cannot be increased. Each fight consumes 1 stamina. You gain 1 stamina point every 10 minutes (you might have to refresh the page). Your available stamina is reset to the maximum value when you gain a level. (It is therefore recommended that just before you reach your new level, you use your available stamina to fight, in order to gain the maximum benefit from the refill.)

Attack (sword) / Defense (shield) Edit

These are calculated from the sum total of the attack/defense points provided from:

  • Your character.
  • Your character's clothing (equipped from My Store).
  • Each of the girls in your gang.
  • Each girl in your gang also automatically equips herself with one available item from each category in the Girls' Store.

Mojo (♂) Edit

Mojo is used to rank players in a weekly competition to win a set of 1-3 unique girls. Mojo can be obtained from winning a fight (+5); buying store items that require gold; buying a girl for your gang with gold (the in-game help refers to these girls as "cheerleaders") - note that this does not include girls obtained from quests.